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My husband and I first met in 3rd grade. We have a beautiful daughter and son. We have an obsession with all things dinosaurs. Even our wedding cake topper was a bride & groom dinosaur’s. We 100% believe that the relationship between a child and a dog is like none other. Watching our children play dress up, read books, run around the yard and cuddle up with our fur babies is some of our best memories.

We purchased our first Goldendoodle Emma in 2018 and just fell in love with the breed. So we transitioned from breeding bulldogs to this lovable amazing breed. I spent the last few years doing my homework and studying what it takes to assure we produce healthy, well rounded babies. I am so excited to for this amazing adventure and all the families we will meet. I am so passionate about what we do and thankful for my husbands support on this wild ride. I am a full time photographer and work right out of our home. It guarantees that I will be able to give them the attention they truly need. I can focus on taking full advantage of the crucial learning period and help teach our babies what they need to know before going to their new homes.

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